Confronting Political Stereotypes

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Since the most recent presidential election, a social divide among Americans has become more noticeable than ever. The Democratic v. Republican debate runs further than history and beyond Nov. 8 2016, seeming to have taken a role in relationships across the nation.

“I think the notion of party policy might be outdated for our system and divides us as a society, but that’s democracy,” said California State Senate Henry Stern.

The party policy is not mentioned in the United States’ constitution, yet it plays an important role in U.S. government. This concept began to evolve over the ratification of the Constitution, known as the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. Many wonder if this concept has become a destructive role in government.

“Politicians need to stop thinking about what is liberal or what is conservative and start thinking about what is right and doing something about it,” said junior George Murray. “Why do we need to debate and make one extreme, final decision when we can compromise and make as many people happy as possible?”

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