Isabel Ravenna is an experienced journalist whose background includes roles as a staff writer for publications like The Screaming Eagle, The Calabasas Courier, Round Up News, and the Los Angeles Times Insider, showcasing her deep engagement with the world of media and storytelling.

Having served on the Advisory Board of the LA Times Insider, Isabel’s commitment to contributing to media conversations is evident. A milestone in her career was her presentation at the respected LA Times Festival of Books, where her work found a place on the LA Times panel. This annual event, attracting approximately 150,000 attendees, highlighted her expertise in the industry. She has shared her insights and experiences as a speaker at the Student-Journalist Convention, contributing to the professional development of aspiring writers. Moreover, she has engaged in Q&A panels at events like the Harvard Westlake session, adding a unique perspective to discussions about media and journalism.

Her academic journey exemplifies her commitment to refining her skills. Isabel’s educational pursuits have taken her to esteemed institutions such as Pierce College, California State University Long Beach, and the New England Center of Investigative Reporting at Boston University, where she honed her craft in Journalism.

Her writing expertise encompasses a wide range of subjects, from feature stories in the entertainment sector and press junkets to profiles of spiritual leaders and authors. Beyond her writing, Isabel’s creative abilities extend to analogue photography, showcasing her proficiency in capturing moments through this timeless medium. Her commitment to conveying the essence of her subjects is evident in her work, fostering connections between stories and their audiences.

For inquiries, collaborations, or to get in touch, kindly contact isabelravenna@gmail.com .

Website: http://www.isabelravenna.com

Los Angeles, Calif.

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