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How Mother’s Day in Nicaragua went from a Peaceful Demonstration to an Angry Bloodbath

Nicaraguans from all over the country assembled on Mother’s Day, May 30, to honor women who lost children in the last six weeks. Police officers once again arrived at the peaceful demonstration to attack. Officials sniped the crowds, killing and injuring civilians. “The purpose of the march was to show support to the 92 mothers

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Attention, Educators: Students Want Change

In a world where schools are becoming more competitive and standards are higher than ever, students are trying to survive the pressure of maintaining a balanced social life while preparing themselves for a successful future. Many struggling to find a happy-medium express that they are not content with the environment and system of the American

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The Slippery Slope of Trump’s Adjective to Describe International Killing Gang MS-13

President Donald Trump is infamous in the eyes of many Americans nationwide for his controversial words regarding undocumented immigrants. On May 16, Trump spoke against the primarily Salvadorian undocumented immigrant-based gang MS-13 (or Mara Salvatrucha) and the press spoke back. When this gang was first gathered in Los Angeles, before spreading around the country, there

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