The Slippery Slope of Trump’s Adjective to Describe International Killing Gang MS-13

President Donald Trump is infamous in the eyes of many Americans nationwide for his controversial words regarding undocumented immigrants. On May 16, Trump spoke against the primarily Salvadorian undocumented immigrant-based gang MS-13 (or Mara Salvatrucha) and the press spoke back.

When this gang was first gathered in Los Angeles, before spreading around the country, there were 10,000 members to its name. They are known for hacking civilians to death and fatal beatings with bats, oftentimes in broad daylight, allowing view of witnesses.

A girlfriend of one of the victims was walking home one evening with Nisa, a basketball teammate one day before her 16th birthday when MS-13 members spotted them and attacked with a machete and baseball bats, according to CNN and the Washington Post.


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