An Insider’s Coachella — The Experience without the Experience

During the lull between the first and second weekend of California’s legendary Coachella Music Festival, those with the first weekend in their rearview mirror struggle with symptoms of PCD (post-concert disorder), while music lovers anticipating attending the next session plan their wardrobe. During the famous festival Coachella adventure stories arethe main topic of conversation in schools and workplaces.

The Coachella festival is nestled in a valley near Palm Springs and is notorious for its buzzing atmosphere. Here, children and adults gather to party and the festival is celebrated for featuring top-of-the-line artists who perform for nearly 100,000 people who come for the music and, yes, the fashion.

Coachella has gained a reputation for chic couture, with models and celebrities sporting everything from bohemian feathers to bold leather accessories. This has turned the festival to be akin to a huge fashion show.

It’s no secret that the music festival serves as a runway for those wanting to make a fashion statement  — whether in a gorgeous, flowing skirt or barely with any clothes at all. Coachella is a world of diversified experiences  — here the music, the raucous crowds and the unparalleled atmosphere give the event its iconic flavor.

Undeniably, many “Chella” goers think of the festival as an outdoor and untethered party to explore a variety of substances. While this should not be a generalization, it adds to to the prevailing carefree atmosphere of the festival.


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