Star Wars Resistance: An entirely unique chapter in the ever-growing saga

The “Star Wars” name is returning to television once again with the new series, “Star Wars Resistance” on October 7, taking place six months before “The Force Awakens.” Starring voices by actors, Christopher Sean (“Kaz”), Suzie McGrath (“Tam”), Donald Faison (“Hype Fazon”) and Bobby Moynihan (“Orka”), “Star Wars Resistance” is introducing a new anime-inspired look to the old-school “Star Wars” fans while welcoming a new generation of watchers into the community, as well.

“Being that we’re old school ‘Star Wars’ fans, and we had the opportunity to create ‘The Resistance,’ I’m hoping that they will feel the same way we did when we first saw ‘Star Wars,’” Executive Producer Athena Portillo said. “I also feel you don’t have to have seen ‘Star Wars’ to even get into the series because we’re introducing new characters and a whole new world.”

The show takes place months prior to “The Force Awakens,” with a main focus on pilots, the birth of “the First Order” and new characters with a comedic atmosphere from the script to animation. Not to mention, the cast will be bringing the script to life in a colorful and unique way unlike any “Star Wars” series yet.

“This is the journey for our hero,” Faison said. “He is thrown into this world and that’s a different take on it also. Usually, you find somebody lost on a platform like this who’s been born there their whole life and dreams of getting off the platform and going out into the galaxy and saving it. That’s the story of Luke Skywalker, the story of Rey. This is the story of a guy who’s thrown in here and has to figure out how the First Order is involved and that’s a different take on it.”

The story of “Star Wars” being portrayed through the voices of memorably comedic actors is a challenge for them as well. Moynihan and Faison admit that their biggest challenge besides keeping Resistance-related secrets inside of the studio is trying to avoid comedy, for actors who have grown up with the stories of the “Star Wars” episodes, the cast takes on their roles with excitement and gratitude.

“It’s just really exciting,” McGrath said. “You know, I like, pinch myself. It’s something that you’ve grown up watching and experiencing and then you get the role in a show. It’s really exciting.”

Viewers can tune in to Disney Channel on Sunday, Oct. 7 at 10 p.m. PST/EST for the premiere of “Star Wars Resistance” to join Kaz in his journey and new life — from ordinarily working as a mechanic to being thrown on-board a top-secret spy mission, facing off against stormtroopers, pirates and dealing with his family life.

“The show is a unique take,” Sean said. “There’s lots of fast-paced action and humor, so in itself, it’s going to be a fun flavor that people can enjoy.”

(“Star Wars Resistance” will also be available for viewing with two new episodes on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD. Subsequent airings will also be available on Disney XD)

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