‘Cousins For Life’ offers messages of individualism, family love and total chaos


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Nickelodeon is bringing a new cast of cousins to the table with the new series Cousins for Life. Actors Scarlet Spencer (Ivy), Ron G. (Lewis), Ishmel Sahid (Clark), Dallas Young (Stuart) and Micah Abbey (Leaf) bring an unorthodox and interesting dynamic to the greater Nickelodeon family with crazy schemes and the tales of the love and bond shared by family.

Viewers can expect the message “love your family no matter what happens with them,” Young said.

“Just love them because one day you might need them and that’s what happened to us. We need each other every single day even though we have rough times,” he said.

The cast is able to relate to the story; from messages surrounding the importance of appreciating one’s family to the unique bonds each character shares and has to overcome. While the show’s actors are different themselves, much like their characters are to each other, they admit that their differences are what make them a great team.

While Abbey spends his time on the basketball court and Spencer spends her moments off-camera practicing her singing voice, Sahid spends his time… not singing. The “Cousins for Life” cast, each incredibly unique, is able to bond like cousins and siblings, exhibiting exactly what the show is all about.

“Even if you are different from some of your other family members, that’s what makes it great,” Spencer said. “If all of us were the same, I don’t think we would be as strong of a cast as we are.”


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