Quinn XCII Reveals why you’ve Never Heard Anything like “From Michigan with Love”

Quinn XCII (Mikael Temrowski), a singer from Detroit, Michigan, released his latest album “From Michigan with Love” yesterday Feb. 15. Entertaining his friends and family since childhood, the artist has been perfecting his art since the days in Michigan. “From Michigan with Love” was written about mental health. For an artist to produce an album inspired by his own mental state, Quinn explains the different obstacles he has come across while writing “From Michigan with Love.” 

“Constantly entertaining fans… talking about things that are refreshing and speaking on things in my own authentic way,” Quinn said. “For example, this album really touches on mental health and it’s kind of a weird thing to say, but it’s really popular right now… so I didn’t want to come across like I was just riding the bandwagon of this conversation that we’re having in pop-culture and I wanted to speak on it based on my own personal experiences.” 

While the popularity of topic has created a bit of a challenge for Quinn to get his personal message across, those who have already taken part in the conversation are who gave him the courage to talk about his own life. From social media posts to conversations in the office, the youth has made the “Mental Health” discussion much more approachable than it has historically has been. 

“It’s kind of a mix between the era we’re living in and friends of mine who have taken the leap forward already,” Quinn said. “And it’s something I’ve gone through and still go through, but it all kind of happened when I was living back home in Michigan, hence the title of the album.” 

The song, “Sad Still,” was made with the intention of portraying the chaos of what an anxiety attack feels like for Quinn through the song’s sound. Through methods such as drum sounds, the feeling of a rapid heartbeat is mimicked, which is something that Quinn had never seen done before and wanted to make a reality. With Quinn’s distinct sounds and music catching the attention of listeners, his overarching goal is to tell fans that it is okay to talk about mental health and get help, rather than suppressing such unignorable sensations.

“It’s a battle that everybody goes through, regardless of symptoms,” Quinn said. “Because symptoms vary from light-headedness like I get with anxiety or someone who literally feels like they’re going to have a heart attack. There’s such a variety of things that people go through, but at the end of the day, I think everyone kind of deals with their battles differently. My goal is to speak up on it and encourage fans to be brave, seek help, tell a friend or parent and just to be more vocal about it.” 

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