Deepak Chopra Explains how you can Attract the Life and World you Desire Today

73-year-old, Indian-American Mind-Body Healing Expert, Deepak Chopra is a world-renowned speaker and author on the art of integrated medicine, along with being one of the top spiritual teachers of today. After a life full of study, practice and educating through his writing and public speaking, Chopra still looks forward to his life of endless possibilities.

“To be really honest, I’m still deciding what I’ll do when I grow up. I’m not sure,” Chopra said. “I can only think of myself as infinite possibilities.”

Chopra has understood The Law of Attraction throughout his life. He explains that, the world is a reflection of those who occupy it, and every single relationship, encounter and situation an individual experiences is a reflection of that individual. He relates this to the United States’ current political climate. With each frustrating tweet and each controversial statement, the climate of The United States grows more hostile. However, according to Chopra, the solution is not in the picket signs and angry chants, but within each American individual themself.

“If you want to attract something in your life, then you have to be that,” Chopra said. “If you want to attract love, then you have to be loving, if you want to attract peace, then you have to be peaceful. Peace can’t be created by peace activists… But only by those who are peaceful.”

This concept is not a new idea. In fact, every wisdom tradition advocates that the world is a reflection of oneself. Chopra was very aware of this and realizes that people typically are not in touch with themselves, but rather, who they think they are. He explains that individuals mistaking self-image for self-esteem is a result of social conditioning. 

“Self image is what other people think of you and self esteem is getting in touch with your own soul or own self,” Chopra said. “And if you understand that, then you understand the Law of Attraction.” 

While the ancient teachings of elements surrounding The Law of Attraction have recently gained popularity due to the rise of “spiritual branding” in the form of marketing strategies advocates sharing their beliefs through social media platforms, many young people today still find trouble in understanding the entirety of the concept. Chopra blames this on social constructs creating an environment where it is difficult to see past the “physical world.” 

“I think we are very much under the influence of social constructs which look at the world as a purely physical entity,” Chopra said. “But, in fact, what we call the ‘physical world’ is a perceptual experience in our own being, and it reflects that, in how we see the world, interpret the world and embed ourselves in the world.” 

Chopra advises that, for one to become more self-aware and live beyond the “physical world,” one must quiet their mind and ask themself, “Who am I? What do I want? What is my purpose? What am I grateful for?” and the rest happens with divine timing. One of the most common misconceptions regarding The Law of Attraction is that it advocates to simply believe and receive, without action. Chopra explains that it is entirely up to one’s self through action of the mind and body.

“Everybody has a unique talent and all they have to do is figure it out and how it helps the world,” Chopra said. “Every single human being is unique and has something called a soul signature and once you are reflective, and live the questions, everything else follows. You don’t have to worry about the answers, just live the questions and life moves you into the answers.”

By evaluating one’s relationships, sleep and contribution to society, one will begin to understand that there are very few actions that can be taken to actually enhance emotional and spiritual well-being. According to Chopra, these factors are: “sleep, stress-management/meditation, movement/exercise, deep-breathing, yoga/martial arts, emotions and healthy relationships, healthy nutrition/nutritional supplements, contact with nature and self awareness.”

Still, it is often argued that, in the physical world, it is the case that people are overtasked with responsibilities regarding career, education, family, etc. to care for their emotional and spiritual health.

“They are the ones who need it desperately and the most because they are going to get into a crisis sooner or later,” Chopra said. 

While at some moments, being moved into these answers can feel daunting or difficult at times for environmental factors, Chopra insists that it is still necessary to accomplish. While the Law of Attraction surrounds the concept of improving one’s quality of life so that the universe will grant a further improved quality of life, individuals who battle with humane, low frequency feelings, such as lack of motivation, anger, frustration, depression and so on, must not feel excluded from the practices that is the Law of Attraction.

“None of these feelings are unique to you,” Chopra said.” You should understand that. Is depression personal? The answer is ‘no.’ Everybody goes through it. Just to recognize the universality of these feelings and to watch them instead of avoiding them is the whole practice of meditation –

You watch your thoughts, like somebody who watches clouds in the sky and recognizing that they are not the clouds, they are the sky.”

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  1. What a great article!! It’s incredible that you got to interview him! You manifested it!

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