Students showcase work in virtual film festival

Pierce College Film Club hosted the 4th annual film festival Friday, Nov. 20, allowing students with love for film to showcase their favorite creations. 

Many students captured their perspectives regarding suicide awareness, racial oppression, and grief.

In light of the quarantine procedure, this year’s film festival awarded student winners with a virtual “Brahmi” and a cash prize. 

One film directed by Tori Raphael (who won best narrative), “Behind Closed Curtains,” encapsulated sexual abuse survivor stories by a thirteen-year-old and fourteen-year-old in a documentary-style short film.

“I had to make a documentary in my junior year of high school, and I had no idea what I was going to make,” Raphael said. “When I talked to different students for my mom’s theatre production, I talked to the girl who had overdosed and was amazed by her story and with her permission, wanted to share it through film.” 

Vice President of Film Club Lizi Escobar, who won the award for Most Original Film for her short film, was inspired by the politically infused year of 2020 and highlighted racial and political oppression in “Swallow.”

“With what we were going through this year with the election, I personally felt forced to make certain choices in this political world and I definitely wanted to highlight the POC [people of color].”

Another student’s film, Benji Tucker, won Best Overall Film for his short, “My Best Friend.” This comedic short followed the touching story of a boy who’s desperation to be with his late best friend once more leads to delusion. 

One short film presented, “Discolored Heart” by Jessica Katz, follows a young girl who fears getting taken advantage of, struggles on  deciding what to wear to a party. 

With another touching and powerful ending, viewers go through the mind of a young girl with the desire to enjoy her night with the fear and pressure of the unfair world on her shoulders. 

The film left viewers with the thought, “clothing doesn’t determine consent,” written on the screen at the end of the film. 

“These are the best group of films we’ve ever had,” said Film Professor Ken Windrum.

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