KOAD makes you want to sing at a campfire and mosh in a crowd

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Sixteen-year-old rapper KOAD is defying high school norms by following a less traditional and more lyrical path to success. KOAD has appreciated his favorite tracks since he was as young as 5-years-old and eventually began making music in eighth grade, ultimately using the art to get his honesty heard. For a person who prefers to keep his private life and emotions to himself, KOAD uses music to thoroughly express his feelings.

“Even some of my best friends, I won’t tell them everything about me…” KOAD said. “But like, with music, I don’t even care… Even the first single I put out was some of my deepest sh*t that I could ever say. Music makes it easier for me to communicate things.”

KOAD writes music from simple ukulele songs to hard rap and everything in between. His music ranges vastly from his first released songs to his soon-to-be-released mixtape, “Sometimes Unicorns Cry.” Constantly experimenting with different genres, KOAD appreciates the process of making different music and telling each story with a unique sound.

“I like getting people to feel different emotions,” KOAD said. “Getting people to sing along in a campfire to like ‘escape,’ but then just all my friends moshing and tossing each other to one of my hype songs.”

Ultimately, KOAD encourages others to follow their dreams regardless of judgment. He releases songs because he likes the way they sound and remembers that his opinion is the only one that matters in the path to success. KOAD motivates young people to pursue whatever career they wish, ignoring the negative opinions of others’ and moving forward.

“If you like it, then put it out,” KOAD said. “I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Somebody wearing, like hypebeast sh*t says you’re not a sick rapper… Who cares…? That’s all I really care about, making good music I think is good.”


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