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Attention, Educators: Students Want Change

In a world where schools are becoming more competitive and standards are higher than ever, students are trying to survive the pressure of maintaining a balanced social life while preparing themselves for a successful future. Many struggling to find a happy-medium express that they are not content with the environment and system of the American

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A Remaining Landmark of the 1920s: The LA Orpheum Theatre

The historic Orpheum theatre is one of Los Angeles’ many treasures. The gentrification of downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) has caught the attention of Los Angeles residents, having witnessing the change this iconic city has undergone. When the planning of the Orpheum Theatre began in 1923 who could have foretold the memories this magnificent venue would

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Lil Miquela: Confusing the Hell out of Everyone

Lil Miquela is a singer/influencer on Instagram who has stirred conversation in the world of social media due to her interesting appearance. Lil Miquela’s Instagram account is a 159-photo grid of selfies and sponsored posts wearing trendy brands under the handle @Lilmiquela. While this seems like a recurring theme of a typical girl’s Instagram page,

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